Q: Who is behind Roster Athletics?
A: We are a small, international team, trying to make track & field more fun to watch.

Q: What is Roster Athletics?
A: At this point Roster Athletics is a fantasy game for fans following the sports of track & field (aka Athletics). But this is only the first step in a long journey to make track & field more interesting to follow for fans.

Q: What are the future plans for Roster Athletics?
A: We want to follow our tag line of making fans participate more in the sport of track & field and not only spectate. We want to enable engagement between fans, athletes and athletics meeting organizers. Also, we are aiming for a product that can help educate new fans about the sport.
Q: Are there any limits on how many times I can change my team?
A: You can change your team multiple times, however you like, until the meeting starts (indicated by DEADLINE on the meeting title). After the meeting starts, your team is locked and any further changes are not possible.

Q: Should I fill in all the slots?
A: Yes - we would like players to fill in all the slots. Roster Athletics doesn't enforce this yet though.

Q: What is the purpose of the captain?
A: You can designate any team member to be a captain. It will cost you 100% of this athlete's value, but in return all points scored by this athlete will be doubled. If you find yourself tight on budget, you can also remove the captain badge from the athlete (and get the extra money back).

Q: An athlete disappeared from my team. What happened?
A: Sometimes athletes drop out from competitions, or change events they participate in. In this case we will remove them from your roster, and send you a notification. Be sure to check your roster before the meeting starts.

Q: What will happen if I go over budget (budget shows negative amount in red)?
A: Until the meeting starts, it's OK to go over the budget - you can still change your selection of athletes. But be sure to be within your budget when the meeting starts - otherwise you'll be disqualified.

Q: My team scored points, but in the ranking it shows my score is 0!
A: After we upload results, it can take a moment for rankings to be updated. If your ranking score still remains at 0, make sure you didn’t go over budget - if you did, you will be disqualified and you will not score any points.
Q: What do those weird shortcuts mean (PB, SB, MR, etc.)?
A: PB - Personal Best • SB - Season’s Best • MR - Meeting Record • WR - World Record • DSQ - Disqualified • DNS - Did Not Start • DNF - Did Not Finish • NM - No Mark • WL - World Lead

Q: Notifications are annoying, can I turn them off?
A: Yes, you can turn off notifications on the Settings screen (look in the application drawer, on the main screen of Roster Athletics)

Q: How are prices calculated for the different athletes?
A: Prices are based on a combination of the athlete's PB and SB compared to the WL (World Lead) for the previous year as well as the general level in the event for the current year.

Q: How does an athlete score points if he/she is running multiple rounds in an event?
A: If an athlete is participating in e.g., heats and then final, he/she will get placement points based on the highest level of final, but will get performance point if he/she sets a PB in the heats. If 8 runners is promoted to the final, the last person in the final will be awarded placement points as number 8 even if he/she runs slower than the best person in the heats that didn't make it to the final. He/she (#8 from the final) will still be rewarded with performance points if he/she sets a PB/SB in the heats.

Q: Does a result from an oversized track (longer than 200m) count as an indoor PB and SB?
A: No, only results from 200m tracks count as indoor results.